Saw the Liam Neeson thing “The Grey”. Brutal and very well done.  There are a lot of detractors for this movie.  It is about a man who is willing to die and his transformation into a man willing to live. His six companions are aspects of well-being of Men. The wolves are incidental and merely dispassionate elements of nature symbolizing our inevitable mortality. 

As empathetic as I can be it affected me for most of the weekend.  It fits in my idea of the widowed actor working through his grief through his craft. This seemed close to home, near as I could tell. More so at least than any of his past work.

Without giving away too much (I hope), I did notice odd homage appearing here and there for key movie scenes that traumatized me when I was a lot younger—one from “Sometimes a Great Notion (1970)” …. The mood from “Deliverance (1972)” and even a Tom Hanks scene in “Schindler’s List (1993)”.   There are no original stories I guess, but there is original story-telling.  I will probably see it again in fact, something I haven’t done in years. Watch the video

In which a tiny bunny baby wants a snuggle

It’s a pair of bunnies.  I think the one on the left is the girl. She seems to be doing all the work.

Douglas Adams (Last Chance to See) In fact in only 20 years, a species he visited did go extinct. Also "Human nature as an evolved creature"…also "What are flowers for?"

Olympian Gods of Ancient Greek Mythology